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A Bit About Us

We’re a team of seasoned professionals, each bringing unique expertise to revolutionize direct mail marketing. Our CEO, Phil Green, leverages his real estate and finance background to create innovative strategies. COO Erick Gydesen has transformed our company into a real estate and renovation leader. Jesus Toledo, a tech-savvy entrepreneur, excels in data-driven lead generation. Steve Ham, our marketing maestro, has a global perspective on brand building. Jerry Yu, Director of Engineering & Technology, drives our success with his technical expertise. Together, we’re reshaping the way direct mail impacts the real estate industry.

Phil Green

Phil Green, with an MBA in real estate and finance from San Diego State University, was a standout on HGTV’s House Hunters, leading to one of the year’s highest-ranking episodes. As CEO of GG Homes, Southern California’s largest homebuyer, Phil combines his real estate expertise with innovative direct mail marketing strategies. His experience in engaging audiences through direct mail campaigns is now available to others seeking to replicate his success. Phil’s dynamic approach is revolutionizing the industry.

Erick Gydesen

Erick Gydesen, serving as the COO of GG Homes since 2020 and previously as the Vice President of Sales, has played a crucial role in transforming GG Homes into Southern California’s premier homebuyer and renovation company. His innovative strategies extend past traditional real estate, integrating highly effective direct mail marketing campaigns. These campaigns bolstered the company’s standing in the competitive real estate market, demonstrating Erick’s comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and customer engagement.

Jesus Toledo

Jesus Toledo, a Miami-based entrepreneur and real estate investor, co-founded and heads 8020REI. Beginning in real estate wholesaling, he shifted to data and technology, leveraging his engineering skills. With four startups and two 7-figure exits, he excels in real estate lead generation and data services, including 8020CRM. Jesus’s application of the 80/20 principle extends to his proficiency in direct mail marketing, offering his expertise to those aiming to maximize their investment efforts efficiently.

Steve Ham

Steve Ham, with a distinguished career in global marketing, has excelled as CMO at San Diego State University’s Fowler College of Business and VP of Global Marketing at Kaplan International. Renowned for his strategic and analytical approach, Steve has a proven track record in brand building and team leadership. His expertise extends to both B2C and B2B marketing across 80+ countries. A graduate of Sciences Po Paris and USC, Steve’s innovative marketing strategies are now aiding others in achieving similar success.

Jerry Yu

Jerry Yu, Director of Engineering & Technology at GG Homes, has led the company to a 371% YoY profit increase through advanced software solutions. His expertise in technical management and solution delivery, combined with his skills in Agile methodologies and metrics tracking, also includes proficiency in direct mail marketing. His approach has proven effective in enhancing productivity, aligning teams, and driving business growth, now shared with others to enhance their customer experiences and market reach.

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